Own a Share of “The Precipice”

For a limited time, fans of The Classic Crime have the opportunity to own a SongShare of “The Precipice”. Only 2000 shares have been authorized, and once they are gone, there will never be any more.

Only 2,000 Authorized, SOLD OUT!

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You’ve always said “That’s my song!” Now the New York Rock Exchange makes it official.

New York Rock Exchange SongShares are the ultimate way for fans to own a song. Shareholders get exclusive rewards including early access, cool merch, and free downloads. You even get a small royalty from the band. There’s simply no better way to own your music.

Limited Edition Song Share


Certifying your exquisite taste in music

Show it off

Owning a share of “The Precipice” gives you the ultimate in bragging rights. What better way to show off than a stunning Rock Certificate to hang on your wall?

New York Rock Exchange certificates are printed on high-grade 100% cotton from the same supplier as the US Mint. They feel like money, and for good reason—each certificate is painstakingly crafted with 9 different press operations. And each one has a unique serial number, so you know exactly which share you own.

But the Rock Certificate is more than a pretty piece of paper. It represents ownership of something truly unique—a New York Rock Exchange SongShare. The registration code on the back is the key that unlocks royalties, free downloads, and other great perks available only to shareholders.


Dress for success

Classic Crime T-shirt

Every shareholder gets a special edition t-shirt designed by the band themselves.

This limited edition shirt available only through the New York Rock Exchange shows the world you are not just a fan, but a shareholder.


A little piece of the music business just for you

Royalty Check

Every share of “The Precipice” earns a small royalty from The Classic Crime. After about a year, you’ll get a check. It’s not a lot of money (welcome to the music business!), but until now, the only people that received royalty checks were rockstars and music execs. Not anymore!

You also have the option to donate your royalty to a charity selected by the band. Learn More



The Classic Crime


$0.083 / month


1 year

Total Payout:



From The Classic Crime to you

VIP Access

SongShare ownership has privileges, starting this December with the release of the music video for “The Precipice”. As a shareholder of the song you’ll get VIP access and have the opportunity to watch the new video days before it’s released to the general public.

Five free songs

Give the gift of song! As a shareholder of “The Precipice”, you have the right to give up to five free copies of the song to your friends using download codes from the New York Rock Exchange. Absolutely free, 100% legal, and 100% artist approved.

Go Backstage

Get a behind the scenes peek at the making of “The Precipice”. This shareholder-only 10 page digital booklet was produced by band member Robbie Negin, and features never before seen photography from the studio, the road, and the set of the music video.

Remember, shares are limited. Once sold out, the New York Rock Exchange will never issue SongShares for “The Precipice” again.

Only 2,000 Authorized, SOLD OUT!

Current Price: